• Easy use by simply inserting into the flask. No need for alignment.
  • Durable sealability due to magnetic coupling.



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The Sealing Mixer UZU is for researchaers who need stirrers for flasks.
The compact and light weight body offers both mixing and sealing.
The Sealing Mixer UZU provides high reliability and usability to support your research and development.

Sealing Mixer UZU

1. A magnetic coupling provides high sealability

Sealing Mixer UZU

A magnetic coupling is used for power transmission from the motor. The bulkhead and the O-ring of UZU enable sealed mixing of the flask.
Non contact rotaiting of the stirring rod with a magnetic force provides high sealability.
It is suitable for experiments using volatile organic solvents and for mixing filling gas in the flask.
The drive parts are not in contact with the O-ring. Therefore, a deterioration in sealability due to wear of the parts will not occur.
Leakage is avoided, even with long operation, and generating abrasion powder is prevented.
This unit provides reliability and safety for laboratoory work.

Sealing Mixer UZU

Stepping motor used as a power source.
As a commutator is not used, neither electrical discharge nor metal power is generated.
Viscosity change during mixing is not a concern since the number of revolutions does not change with the load fluctuation.

2. Stable mixing using the stirring impeller

Open / close stirring impeller enables stable mixing.
Sealablity inside the flask and experiment reproducibility are both achieved.
While a magnetic stirrer is incapable of mixing high viscosity fluid, UZU can be easily used for mixing high viscosity fluid and for reactions that may generate deposite.

Sealing Mixer UZU
Sealing Mixer UZU

Chemical / heat resistant PTFE materials are used for the unit parts.
The originally developed shaft fixation mechanism holds the stirring rod firmly.
Slipping of the rod or drop off of the rod during mixing is avoided.

Feel free to inquire if a special form or material for the rod or stirrer is required.

Sealing Mixer UZU

A Φ8 genaral purpose shaft can be attached.
Use optional parts, common spacers and caps.

3. Usability improves laboratory work efficiency

Sealing Mixer UZU

Just fit the unit to the standard taper of the flask.
A seal is not required for assembly. Therefore, installation can be done in a short time.
Shaft alignment is not required either, and the heavy unit does not require moving.
Easy handling is enabled for all.
A tapered joint with a different diameter is available (optional) in addition to the standard taper size (29/42).

Sealing Mixer UZU Sealing Mixer UZU

Each Part can be easily assembled / disassembled without requiring tools.
Contamination from residual chemicals can be avoided by washing the parts regularly.

4. Used in a variety of applications

Sealing Mixer UZU

PTFE or ceramics are used for the wetted parts.
Chemical / heat resistant materials cover a wide range of applications.

Sealing Mixer UZU

Since the stirrer and the seal are compact, space saving installation in the fume food is achieved.
Operation from the outside of the fume food is possible since the controller is separeted.

Sealing Mixer UZU

The number of revolutions can beset per 1 RPM, helping reproduce experiment procedures.
A revolutionsas low as 2 RPM can be set.
Mixing by controlling the damage to the biological tissue or product is possible.
An off timer that can be set per 1 minute is provided.

Specification, Options

Product No.UZ-SM1
(for Japan)
(for China)
(for EU)
Product NameSealing Mixer UZU
Max. rotational torque0.2N・m
Rotation speed2〜450RPM
Recommended Pressure61kPa〜Amb.
(gage pressure:-40kPa to 0kPa)
Joint size29/32, 29/42
*24/40 is available with customization
Standard stirring shaft・High loadable PTFE stirring rod
・General φ8 shaft*
  *general spacer(MG-0-J) & cap(MG-0-K) are required.
SizeMain unit:φ72×255mm
  *Stirring rod and cable excluded
WeightMain unit:approx. 1.2kg
Controller:approx. 500g
  *Stirring rod and cable excluded
Input100〜240V 50/60Hz24VDC
*AC adaptor and power cable are optional

Stirring rods are not included with Sealing Mixer UZU.
Please choice and purchase stirring rods which adapt your flasks.

■Stirring rod

Parts No. Product Name
HS-0-01 High loadable PTFE stirring rod with impeller 110mm
HS-0-02 High loadable PTFE stirring rod with impeller 175mm
HS-0-03 High loadable PTFE stirring rod with impeller 250mm
HS-0-04 High loadable PTFE stirring rod with impeller 320mm
HS-0-05 High loadable PTFE stirring rod with impeller 360mm
HS-2-01PTFE impeller width:50mm (as a repair part)
HS-2-02PTFE impeller width:60mm (as a repair part)
HS-2-03PTFE impeller width:80mm (as a repair part)
HS-2-04PTFE impeller width:120mm (as a repair part, for HS-0-04/05)
HS-2-05Screw & nut set for PTFE impeller (as a repair part)
MG-0-JSpacer (For genaral φ8 shaft)
MG-0-KCap (For genaral φ8 shaft)
Sealing Mixer UZU Sealing Mixer UZU
Sealing Mixer UZU

A hollow shaft is used, and the length of the stirring rod is adjustable.
Please purchase the required stirring rods by referring to the table below.
If you would like to check the operations, demonstration stirring rods are available.

Parts No.Distance from the fitted top surface Width of stirring impellerAdjusting interval
HS-0-01Approx. 125~175mm50mmPer 5mm
HS-0-02Approx. 165~255mm60mmPer 10mm
HS-0-03Approx. 230~320mm80mm
HS-0-04Approx. 310〜400mm120mm
HS-0-05Approx. 350〜440mm

■Joint Adaptor

PTFE Adaptors to expand the standard tapered joint.

Parts No.Product name
MG-0-23Joint adaptor 29/42 → 34/45
MG-0-24Joint adaptor 29/42 → 45/50

■Option set for Small tapered joint

Option set for standard tapered joint 15/20, 25.
PTFE stirring rod and impeller are included.

Parts No.Product name
UZ-0-SDOption set for Small tapered joint
Sealing Mixer UZU


Sealing Mixer UZU

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